Meet Michael A. Smith


Mar 13, 2013 Blog 0 Comments

Michael A. Smith has had 25 years of experience that has lead him to making movies. He acted in every
play and musical in his high school years and had an Associate’s Degree in Electronics by the age of 18.
These offered him a background in theater and the willingness to accept ever developing technologies in
today’s digital media.

In college, a friend thought he would make a good Disc Jockey so he began his career being a wedding
and on-air DJ. Michael soon proved that we could shoot and edit wedding videos better than those with
film school training and he realized his path was in visually story telling.

Today, Michael is an award winning Producer, Director, and Cinematographer of movies, shorts and
documentaries. He volunteers his time to the local PTA and Boy Scouts and is a Guest Lecturer at the
Dubois Business College School of Movie Making.

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