Confluence Productions

Webster’s Dictionary defines a confluence as a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point.

As filmmakers we believe in the confluence of great story, ideas, and execution from script to screen to achieve the highest standard of entertainment.

Like the many rivers of Pittsburgh our multi-faceted talent of cast and crew members feed the creative works of Confluence Productions.

Our History.

Founding in 2005 by Ted E. Haynes and Michael Smith, Confluence Productions was established to share the unique voice of its creators. it is Ted and Michael’s belief that the collaborative effort of filmmaking has an obligation to be both impactful and entertaining.

Confluence Productions has had the good fortune of working with talented individuals in front and behind the camera. Like the name implies it is understood that the combined energy ingenuity are what makes the projects so successful. Always hacking an “open door” we welcome anyone looking for a creative outlet.

Our Mission.

Confluence Productions is an independent filmmaking company grounded in a passion for story and strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to develop and produce independent motion pictures in an artistically satisfying and cost effective manner.

Our Keys to Success.

1. Develop and cultivate long standing relationships with industry professionals

2. Utilize cutting edge technology to reduce cost

3. Maintain a commitment to the story of each project.


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